Dr. Jaime Claudio-Villamil is professor of family medicine at the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus. He contributed to the creation and is an active faculty member of the Medical Cannabis Certification Training Program for Physicians, which is the one adopted by the College of Physicians of Puerto Rico.

Dr. Claudio received undergraduate training in Chemical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and Biochemistry and Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He earned his MD and Family Medicine Specialty at the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine. He was awarded a post-graduate fellowship in education and research from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He created the first Multidisciplinary Clinic for the Management of Obesity in 1989 and the first Telemedicine-Radiology Project in Puerto Rico in 2001. He has participated in more than 20 clinical trials including the co-authoring of the NIH, Jama published, SELECT Study on the prevention of Prostate Cancer.

Dr. Claudio has been a TV, Radio and Newspaper medical news analyst since 1983. His radio program SALU+DEMOS on Science, Philosophy, Medicine and Longevity, has the highest audience rating for a program in this time slot. He is recipient of the Family Physician Award of 2012 and the Humanities in Medicine Award of 2016. He is presently focused on creating a Medical Cannabis Practice Paradigm that integrates observational research, precise dosing and formulation of cannabinoids, with endocannabinoid wellness strategies (mindful meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, supplements) to reverse the Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome.